YWCA Newburyport 2022 Annual Appeal
November 3, 2022

Annual Appeal for 2022

Recently a YWCA member, a local church pastor, lamented that it was challenging to rebuild the community after a pandemic when it was impossible to hug or touch parishioners. We understand! At YWCA, we have experienced a similar dilemma. How do you rebuild your community in this “new normal?” While we certainly do not have all the answers, the YWCA staff has risen to the challenge!

  • Community is important for fitness, as it helps create friendships and has proven mental health benefits. YWCA fitness and aquatic staff work diligently to help members and especially our senior members feel comfortable returning to our programs. We have even created hybrid exercise
    programs, allowing people to join by Zoom!
  •  In both the YWCA Preschool and School Age Childcare programs, we focus on each child’s social-emotional development. Our staff has expertly navigated COVID protocols to give children a safe space to grow in the community.
  • For those experiencing cancer, the benefits of Encore go far beyond the exercise program. Social interaction and camaraderie are just as important. To meet the needs of this vulnerable population, our staff may spread out a bit more, continue to wear masks or jump on Zoom.

By implementing creative, safe solutions, we can better connect people. As we seek to rebuild our community, we ask that you join us in our work. YWCA Greater Newburyport uses private donations to ensure all community members can participate in our programs and benefit from being together.

Your donation will help to bring our community together, one senior, one child, and one person at a time. Thank you in advance for supporting the YWCA of Greater Newburyport.

Margaret McCarthy
YWCA Board President
Margaret McCarthy

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