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YWCA Annual Appeal 2021

In the early days of the pandemic, vaccines were not available, and much was unknown about COVID-19. People were scared. Yet, many women were in jobs that did not allow for remote working while others struggled to balance remote working with child-rearing. These women were desperate for childcare.

Women who leave the workforce to raise children face an extraordinary economic burden. They can experience career setbacks that include ineligibility for salary increases and promotions in just a few years. These missed opportunities compound themselves throughout a women’s working life, impacting everything from household income levels to retirement plans. The child-rearing burden continues to fall disproportionately to women.

YWCA understands the need for quality childcare that allows women to pursue economic growth and ensure the well-being of their children.

YWCA’s childcare staff understood the problem. They were eager to serve our community and help working women.

After talking with the entire childcare staff, YWCA decided to reopen our center to serve those women and families who desperately needed care.

YWCA Children’s Center staff stepped up during the pandemic to ensure low-income working families were able to return to work. They did so despite their own fears regarding the pandemic.

We are incredibly grateful to them for helping the YWCA serve the community.

Today, we are asking you to please consider supporting the YWCA and our exceptional employees who have helped to keep our mission alive. We need your support to ensure we can continue to provide high-quality childcare as well as the full range of services the YWCA is known for and proud to provide.

Margaret McCarthy
YWCA Board President

Margaret McCarthy

We greatly appreciate the generous support of all those who contributed to the YWCA Greater Newburyport 2021 Annual Appeal.


Elena Russo & Nat Coughlin
Frank L. Currier Charitable Foundation


Jayne Cecere-Peng & David Peng
Jenna Signore & Scott Signore


Lisa Purinton & Spencer Purinton


Christine Allen & Matthew Allen
Valerie Feehan & John Feehan
Debra Green
Janet Loring & David Loring
Lisa Mead & Christine Doherty
Richard Purinton, Inc


Gail Browne & Michael Browne
Anne Madden & Martin Madden
Margaret McCarthy & Jason McCarthy
Michelle Morris & John Morris
Barbara Nickerson
Donna Seim & Martin Seim
Stephanie Wheeler
Mary Williamson


Paula Jorgenson & Jay Jorgenson
Pam Kipp & David Kipp
Deborah Rider
Robin Schell & Todd Schell
Marilyn Smith & Raymond Smith Ellen Tirone & Gary Tirone
Kathy Weinstock


Victoria Leal-Bushey & Paul Bushey
Nancy Forristall
Joan Klima & Jerry Klima
Juliann MacDonald & Steven MacDonald
Katherine Mandeville & Richard Mandeville
Denise Marien
Rita Moore & Robert Moore
Deidre Simon & Dan Simon
Meo Young & Michael Laine


Jane Baird & Richard Sharp
Diana Baker
Karen Barrett
Jane Batchelder & Stephen Batchelder
Jessica Baylor
Christina Bellinger & Alex Bellinger
Dr. Robin Blair & Sheryl Blair
Sarah Bodge
Diantha Brown
Dolly Brown
Ginny Brown & Gary Brown
Susan Brown
Linda Lu Burciaga
Tatiana Burgos-Espinal
Lindsay Cavanagh
Joyce Cejka
Gillian Chatfield & David Chatfield
Jessie Christopher & Steven Christopher
Tammy Cotter & Randolph Cotter
Kathy Eaton & Richard Eaton
Marcia Edson & Daniel Edson
Lisa Friberg
Mary Ginn & Phillip Ginn
Nicki Girouard
Susan Heersink & Bernhard Heersink
Janet Howell
Patricia Hoyt & Peter Hoyt
Nancy Jones
Lancelot Janitorial & Paper Products, Inc.
Susan Levy
Marjorie Lynn & Edwin Lynn
Robert Mazzone
Deborah Maas & John McAloon
Sherry Moore
David Norman
Delia O’Connor
Pauline Peters & Mark Peters
Ramona Preston & David Preston
Jeffrey Robertson
Joanne Rowley
Jeanne Schultz
Barry Siegel
Susan Stone
Cary Stratton Boyd & Lew Boyd
Debbie Szabo & Tom Szabo
Sharon Tucker & Marc Tucker
Dana Vainauskiene & Saulius Vainauskas
Lisa Walsh

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