“Taking King Out of the Box” MLK Presentation by Dr. Jean-Charles
December 19, 2021

In November and December of 1967, Dr. King delivered a series of five speeches to the Canadian Broadcast Company. After Dr. King’s death, the speeches were published as the Trumpet of Conscience. They cover a wide range of topics from opposition to the war in Vietnam to mobilizing youth to non-violence and social change. Dr. Jean-Charles, a scholar, professor, and activist who works at the intersections of race, gender, and justice from a global perspective, is the author of a new book entitled: The Trumpet of Conscience Today. In it, she examines three contemporary social justice movements – Black Lives Matter, Me Too, and prison abolition through the lens of Dr. King’s 1967 speeches. Come join the YWCA Greater Newburyport as we host Dr. Jean-Charles for a presentation entitled: Taking King Out of the Box. This Zoom event will be held on January 13 at 6:00 PM.  Pre-registration is required. Registration is available online. $10.00 registration fee for adults and free for students. Registration for Adults Registration for Students


### Dr. Régine Michelle Jean-Charles is a scholar, professor, and activist who works at the intersections of race, gender, and justice from a global perspective. She is currently the Dean’s Professor of Culture and Social Justice as well as Director of Africana Studies at Northeastern University. She has authored over 30 publications that have appeared in books, edited volumes, and peer-reviewed journals.  Her first Regine Jean-Charles book, Conflict Bodies: The Politics of Rape Representation in the Francophone Imaginary was published by Ohio State University Press in 2014. She also has a third book, Looking for Other Worlds: Black Feminism and Haitian Fiction that will be out later this year with the University of Virginia Press. She is a regular contributor to media outlets like Ms. Magazine, The Boston Globe, WGBH, America Magazine, and Cognoscenti, where she has weighed in on topics such as #metoo, Black girlhood, and issues related to Haiti and the diaspora. She holds an MA and a Ph.D. from Harvard University. YWCA Greater Newburyport is dedicated to eliminating racism, empowering women, and promoting peace, justice, freedom, and dignity for all. We seek to fulfill this mission locally by engaging the community in a dialog about racial justice. We also provide licensed childcare, affordable housing, swim lessons, wellness plans, and more.

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