Board of Directors Highlight: Meo Young
February 11, 2022

I joined the YWCA six years ago when “Roof Overhead Collaborative” merged into the YWCA. I was on the Board of Roof and was asked to join the YWCA Board. The missions of both organizations of providing low-income housing in greater Newburyport were in alignment and I wanted to keep working in this area. It’s important to me because I have friends and family who have benefitted from the stability and security that low-income housing provides. The YW had and has a great reputation so I was excited and honored to join. Also, the broader mission of the YWCA to empower women and eliminate racism was important to me. I spent the bulk of my career in the international chemical industry where the vast majority of managers and decision-makers were white males. Many times I was the only woman on the team. So it was great to experience the power of the YWCA’s all-female Board. The diverse backgrounds and knowledge of the board members have been impressive. I love the inclusion of the high school students on the Board. It’s a wonderful way to empower young women and stay in touch with our future.   Over the past six years, I have witnessed the hard work and dedication of the YWCA’s employees, particularly during the COVID years. It’s what brings excellence to the YW. Some of my favorite memories have been the Women’s March, the Martin Luther King events, the opening of the Residences at Salisbury Square, and the completion of the YWCA at Hillside. While I will leave the Board this year, I still plan on staying on the Affordable Housing Committee. So, it’s not goodbye.

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