YWCA Exercise Program for all Ages!
May 28, 2022

Meet Patricia Critchlow, age 86, and Tammy Cotter, age 49, amazing YWCA members illustrating that regular exercise is for all ages.

A little more from Patricia and Tammy.

Patricia Critchlow: “At age 85, for me, doing exercise is a question of flexibility and maintenance. The Y offers a variety of low-impact aerobic and weights exercise classes (all to fun music), that give me just what I need.”

Tammy Cotter: “I am so grateful to the YWCA for many reasons. First and foremost for all the good they do for our community and families in need. I first became involved in the Y many years ago as I was looking for an exercise program to join that was low pressure and where everyone feels welcomed and comfortable. Because of those exercise classes, I’ve been able to get my body into fairly decent shape! Without the Y, I would’ve never known about and volunteered in the Family to Family Holiday giving program. I am so grateful to be part of such an amazing program! I think the biggest thing I take away from being part of the YWCA is the amazing and wonderful people I have met. Some of them I know will be in my life for the long haul. Thank you to those involved in the YWCA for all the good you do.”

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