The PEG Center and the YWCA Racial Justice Initiatives – Join us for our final workshop “Committing to Change” in our Anti Racism series.
March 24, 2024

Community Anti-Racist Series

Join us for our final workshop “Committing to Change” in our Anti Racism series.

The PEG Center, in collaboration with the YWCA’S Racial Justice Initiatives, and Eddie Carson, have created a month’s-long program on anti-racism that will take our community through a kick-off lecture, community conversations, and proactive responses and actions, all in service to expanding our community’s awareness of systemic biases, the pursuit of equity and diversity, and a commitment, not just to be non-racists, but anti-racists, as a whole community.

Eddie Carson, Dean of Multicultural Education at The Governor’s Academy, will delve into the Black experience in a white community. His talk will help us develop a deeper understanding of the structural inequalities, microaggressions, and cultural insensitivities that persist, and will foster empathy and equip us with tools to challenge ingrained biases and advocate for inclusive practices.

Talking to kids about race and racism can be complicated and potentially uncomfortable, but it is a critical step to long-term change. “Family Conversations” will center on dismantling fears that stop parents from having conversations about racism and will offer tips to open up dialogue and an intentional culture of anti-racism in your home.

Families are invited to participate in a discovery and Q&A, led by Amanda Bradbury, YWCA Director of Youth Services, and Anne Upton, YWCA Inclusion Specialist. Pizza and dessert will be served!

Also on display at The PEG Center will be “Colors Like Me Project” artwork, showcasing the YWCA’s after-school program and their ongoing curriculum to embrace race and dismantle racism.

Suggested donation $10; by cash, to register go to

Grand Finale: Community Conversation “Committing to Change: Becoming Anti-Racist Together”

Thursday, May 16th, 6-7:30,  The PEG Center, 3 Harris Street, Newburyport.

Our series ends with actionable items and commitments from our City, citizens and friends that will literally begin to change the face and forecast of our community.

Suggested donation $10; by cash, to register go to

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Morning Show – Port Media

Mary Jacobsen speaks with Paula Estey, Executive Director of the PEG Center for Art and Activism, and Amanda Bradbury of the YWCA’s Racial Justice Initiatives about the Anti-racism Series they’ve planned to launch in March. Eddie Carson, Dean of Multicultural Education at Governor’s Academy also collaborated on planning the series. Estey and Bradbury talk about the months-long series that will include a kick off lecture, community conversations, and follow up proactive measures. Click here for the full radio interview

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